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ILL-HIO films is a Chicago based independent film production company. We specialize in narrative and documentary story-telling, through thought-provoking and creative films. Co-founders Anton and Rahim met in film school and began working together. In addition to producing films, ILL-HIO can offer local businesses script to screen commercials, promotional, and training videos.  Musical artists can hire us to shoot and edit their music videos. 

Rahim Branch

As a Producer, Director, Editor and Co-CEO of ILL-HIO Films in Chicago, Rahim is an accomplished and passionate visual storyteller. He graduated with a B.A. from Cleveland State University and further enhanced his education with a Post Bachelors from the Columbia College of Chicago Film School.


Rahim enjoys creating films while collaborating with other creative minds to produce excellent short and feature films. Most notable among his work is the comedy “Call Centre” and the feature project “The Untold Stories of Mild Sauce”.


Rahim has vast business experience spanning 15 years. Outside of his film production grind, he loves spending time with his family and playing disc golf.  

If you have a story that you want to tell in a creative yet articulate way, Rahim’s sharp eye for detail and riveting storytelling ability will bring your script to life. He is your go-to producer, director and editor.

Anton Deshawn

 is an African American director, screenwriter and producer. Anton graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. degree in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management. In 2014, he co-founded ILL-HIO Films, LLC with Rahim Branch. His film feature debut, Call Center, was released in 2017 and premiered at film festivals in Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Anton won a Black Excellence Award (Outstanding Achievement in Film – Directing) given by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago for his directing work for Call Center.

Anton is currently in pre-production on the upcoming documentary, The Last Days of August. Also, he has started writing his next feature film comedy, The Untold Story of Mild Sauce. Both films are slated to begin shooting by the end of 2018.

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